Beeswax Wraps

June 2019

I have been converted! I LOVE LOVE LOVE using my beeswax wraps and I know you will too! 

When I was sifting through ideas for the first Kokoro Craft box project I knew it had to be the beeswax wraps. They are relatively easy to make, sustainable and they are an eco friendly alternative to cling wrap. 

Before I made the wraps I was never a big cling wrap user - I just put my snacks and left overs in clear containers. But, beeswax wraps are much more fun! Plus, I get to channel my love for Japan and practice making origami creations with my wraps to store my snacks for work! I make little pouches for my biccies and nuts, fold around a sandwich and wrap an avocado like a dumpling. I can't believe how long the avo stayed fresh for! 

Did I mention beeswax wraps are environmentally friendly!? If you look after yours (wash with cool soapy water after use), it will last for at least 1 year! 1 year! How awesome is that?!?


So what are you waiting for? Click here to order your Kokoro Craft Box now. Don't forget, all the materials, tools and easy to follow instructions are included in this box and FREE POSTAGE!!!  

Please Note - Colours and fabrics may differ from that shown in pictures. 




kokoro craft subscription box beeswax wraps box



beeswax wrap kokoro craft box